Peek behind the scenes of Marketing Automation

Here’s a sample of work delivered for clients, from deploying Marketing Automation platforms, launching a crowdfunding and community platform, building cross-channel campaigns (email, landing pages, SMS…) across the entire customer lifecycle, generating and nurturing prospective students, automating events, to implementing automated marketing processes like lead segmentation, scoring, progressive profiling, nurturing and more. You’ll also find blog publications about Marketing Automation, marketing strategy documentation written for clients, and marketing automation certifications.

Email set up and testing

Setting up, testing, and managing email templates and email campaigns

Lead generation and email sign ups

Generating leads and email sign ups with forms and Landing Pages

Marketing Automation system auditing and optimisation

Marketing Automation software auditing and optimisation.

Managing University Open Days with Marketing Automation

Implemented and managed events and Open Days programs for universities using Marketo Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation workflows, campaign flows and user stories

Designing user stories, marketing automation workflows, campaign and nurturing flows and lead conversions paths.

Deploying one Marketo instance for multiple brands

Deploying one instance of Marketing Automation across multiple brands/companies/regions.

Automated Events, Email, Nurture, Social and PPC Programs built in Marketo

Automating cross-channel campaigns built across the entire customer lifecycle.

marketo event program

Fully Automated Event Program implemented in Marketo

Fully automated event program built in Marketo with all relevant assets and workflows: invitations, reminders, registration confirmations, Thank You for Attending and Sorry we Missed You emails, forms, lists, landing pages, thank you pages and reports.

Managing crowdfunding with Marketing Automation

Overview: Deployment and management of a crowdfunding and community platform powered by Marketo to empower people to support causes they care about. Managing people joining a crowdfunding platform, by processing, segmenting and scoring project creators and supporters, and following up depending on their behaviours and actions. Built, tested and launched using Marketo. Project delivered for … Continue reading Managing crowdfunding with Marketing Automation

HubSpot Inbound Certification

HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification

Marketo campaign brief documentation

Developed and used this marketing brief for clients outlining campaign description, goals, reporting, target audience, data requirements, content and marketing assets, automation flows, channels, sales hand-off/follow up, timeline and responsibilities. Download the digital marketing campaign (PDF) that I use with my clients.

Marketo Certified Expert and Consultant

Marketo Certified Consultant and a Marketo Certified Expert certifications.

Marketo Workflows to Automate Lead Management

Automating lead management and marketing processes such as acquisition, segmentation, scoring, nurturing, qualification and more

What’s the Business Case for Marketing Automation? Publication

Publication on Squiz website.

What is Marketing Automation? Publication

Post on Squiz blog.

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