Marketing Automation Demo Strategy

Remember how you submitted the demo form, received an email and just clicked this link:

Here’s an overview of the questions to answer before building an automation campaign:


What are the goals and objectives for this campaign? What are we trying to achieve? Use SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound), for example: generate 500 qualified leads focused on XX topic/product by the end of the quarter (March 2018).

Campaign timing

What is your campaign timeline? Is is time-sensitive

Target audience

Who are you talking to? What problems might they have that we can help solve?  What are the personas, lifecycle stages and demographics we want to target?


What data do we need to capture to segment and personalise? What criteria do we use to segment lists? Are we going to progressively profile leads?

Content offers

What pieces of content (guides, event : webinar invite, product video, free trial, voucher, etc) do we need to engage/educate our audience?

Marketing assets

Assets are all the elements of the marketing initiative and may include Landing Pages, forms, emails, email alerts, Thank You pages, segmented lists etc.

For instance, my MA demo requires:

Landing pages x 2
Form with progressive profiling
Thank you page x 2
Emails x 3
Lead scoring rules
Dynamic Lists and tags
Campaign to interact with prospects and manage marketing processes


What channels do we use to market the campaign on? Eg: social media, email, partners, paid search, etc


What reports do we require for our team/broader business. Example: Emails sent, received and clicked, form submissions, website visits, conversions

User story and touch points

Map out all the possible ways the prospects can interact with the campaign.  For instance, they could view an email, click a link, visit a page, submit a form, open an SMS, comment, buy etc.

Campaign Flow

Plan and build the automation required behind-the-scenes.

Sales and Marketing

What is the process for handing over or notifying our teams of follow-up actions

Tools and platforms

What marketing tool do we use to execute the campaign? Is there any integrations required?