Marketing Automation Demo Tool

Remember how you just submitted a form, received an email and just clicked this link:

By doing all of the above, here’s a behind the scenes look at what happened in my Marketing Automation platform:

1. Segmentation

Once you submitted the form, a Lead was created in my Marketing Automation platform and your contact record was added to a group (using tags or lists) of people who signed up for this Marketing Automation Demo.

2. Lead Scoring

You were given a score (10 points) for submitting the Marketing Automation Demo form.

3. Internal alert

An automated internal emaiI alert was sent to a chosen marketing automation user (me 🙂 )

4. Automated email

An automated email follow up was sent to you:

5. Email interaction

You opened that email, with the [First Name] being replaced with the name you provided in the form.


6. Email click tracking

And you clicked the Tool button:


7. Website visit

You then landed on this very page.

8. Segmentation (continued)

Your contact record in my Marketing Automation platform was segmented into a group who is interested in learning about the tool, using tags:

9. Lead Scoring (continued)

Your score was increased by 2 points for clicking the email link: